NABH Accreditation For BLOOD CENTRE

Accreditation Standards for Blood Centres and Transfusion Services aim to enhance the quality and safety of blood across its entire lifecycle—from collection and processing to testing, and issuing or distributing for transfusion. By ensuring these standards are met, accreditation guarantees high-quality care for patients, ensuring safe availability of blood and blood products precisely when needed and in appropriate quantities.

  1. Organisation and Management
  2. Accommodation and Environment
  3. Personnel
  4. Equipment
  5. External Services and Supplies
  6. Process Control
  7. Identification of Deviations and Adverse Events
  8. Performance Improvement
  9. Document Control
  10. Records
  11. Internal Audit and Management Review
Advantages of Accreditation
  • Innovative program with limited global presence
  • Establishes standardized protocols to ensure adherence to quality and safety standards in blood centers
  • Enhances the skills and competencies of blood bank staff
  • Boosts community confidence through adherence to accreditation standards, guaranteeing safe blood and blood products for transfusion
  • Supports medical tourism by promoting accredited blood services
Who can apply?
Blood Centre with license can apply for NABH Accreditation.
How to apply for certification?
  • Online Registration: All aspiring healthcare organizations seeking accreditation can apply online by registering.
  • Refer to Brochure: For detailed information, kindly refer to the General Information Brochure available on the Hospital Accreditation page of the NABH website.
  • Oasis Hospital Solutions Support: For comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the process, contact the Oasis Hospital Solutions team.
How much is the Fees?

Starting NABH with Rs. 15,000/-* (Terms and Conditions Apply!)