NABH Accreditation For Emergency Department in Hospitals

  • Quality Care and Patient Safety: The standards provide a framework for delivering high-quality care and ensuring patient safety in the Emergency Department, fostering continuous quality improvement.
  • Culture of Safety: By adhering to these standards, the Emergency Department cultivates a culture of safety at all levels.
  • Equitable, Safe, and High-Quality Care: The standards aim to set clear expectations for delivering equitable, safe, and high-quality emergency care across the country, resulting in excellent clinical outcomes.
Patient Centered Standards
  1. Access, Assessment and Information (AAI)
  2. Patient Care and Rights (PCR)
  3. Management of Medication (MOM)
  4. Hospital Infection Control (HIC)
Organization Centered Standards
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Responsibility of Management (ROM)
  • Facility Management and Safety (FMS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
Advantages of Certification

Key Benefits of Emergency Certification:

  • Quality Care and Patient Safety: Ensures high-quality care with a strong emphasis on patient safety, leading to excellent clinical outcomes.
  • Standardized Protocols: Guarantees the standardization of protocols in the Emergency Department.
  • Expert Medical Staff: Patients are treated by trained and credentialed medical staff.
  • Patient Rights: Ensures that the rights of patients are respected and protected.
  • Community Confidence: Raises community confidence in the hospital’s emergency care.
  • Professional Development: Enhances the overall professional development of clinicians and paramedical staff associated with the Emergency Department.
Who can apply?
  • Hospitals having minimum of 25 operational beds, in addition to emergency beds. Number of beds in the emergency department should be as per following criteria:

    Total Number of Hospital BedsMinimum Beds required in the Emergency Department
    Up to 50 Beds02 Beds
    51-100 Beds04 Beds
    101-200 Beds06 Beds
    Up to 50 Beds02 Beds
    201-350 Beds08 Beds
    More than 350 Beds10 beds
How to apply for certification?
  • Online Registration: All aspiring healthcare organizations seeking accreditation can apply online by registering.
  • Refer to Brochure: For detailed information, kindly refer to the General Information Brochure available on the Hospital Accreditation page of the NABH website.
  • Oasis Hospital Solutions Support: For comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the process, contact the Oasis Hospital Solutions team.
How much is the Fees?

Starting NABH with Rs. 15,000/-* (Terms and Conditions Apply!)

Are there any trainings conducted for the programme?

Training and Awareness Programs by Oasis Hospital Solutions:

  • Regular Training Programs: Oasis Hospital Solutions conducts various training and NABH awareness programs throughout the year.
  • Recommendation for Aspiring Healthcare Organizations: It is advisable for healthcare organizations aspiring for accreditation to attend these training sessions for a better understanding of the standards.