NABH Accreditation For Entry Level AYUSH Certification

AYUSH Hospital/Centre Certification Programme: Recognizing the challenges faced by small-scale AYUSH hospitals and day care centers in meeting full accreditation standards, NABH has introduced Entry Level AYUSH Centre standards. These standards are developed in collaboration with experts, stakeholders, NABH's technical committee, and through peer reviews. They include a unified standard applicable across all AYUSH specializations, tailored for hospitals with in-patient services (5 or more beds), and another for day care AYUSH centers/clinics. These standards align naturally with hospital standards and emphasize community-centered care.

Patient Focused Standards

a) Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)
b) Care Of Patient (COP)
c) Patient Right and Education (PRE)
d) Infection Control(IC)

Organization Focused Standards

a) Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
b) Responsibilities of Management(ROM)
c) Facility Management and Safety(FMS)
d) Community Participation and Integration (CPI)

Advantages of Accreditation
  • a) Enhanced community confidence and trust
    b) Prioritization of safety and quality
    c) Establishment of standardized practices
    d) Promotion of patient-centered care
    e) Implementation of a systematic approach
    f) Increased patient satisfaction
    g) Better health outcomes
    h) Acknowledgement from external entities
    i) Strengthened reputation
    j) Expanded insurance coverage
Who can apply?

• AYUSH Centre (excluding hospital OPDs): Includes clinics, polyclinics, CHCs, PHCs, and dispensaries offering AYUSH therapies (excluding inpatient services) are eligible to apply.

• AYUSH Hospital:
a) Government AYUSH hospitals at central or state levels.
b) NABH accredited AYUSH hospitals.
c) Teaching hospitals affiliated with AYUSH colleges recognized by Central Government/Central Council of Indian Medicine/Central Council for Homoeopathy.
d) Standalone AYUSH hospitals, including those for inpatient and day care therapeutic procedures/interventions for specified diseases or disorders. These hospitals must:
i) Have a minimum of 5 in-patient beds.
ii) Employ qualified nursing care providers (AYUSH therapists) round the clock.
iii) Be supervised by a registered qualified AYUSH practitioner 24/7.
iv) Have dedicated sections for AYUSH therapies.
v) Maintain and provide daily patient records accessible to authorized representatives of insurance companies.

How to apply for certification?
  • Online Registration: All aspiring healthcare organizations seeking accreditation can apply online by registering.
  • Refer to Brochure: For detailed information, kindly refer to the General Information Brochure available on the Hospital Accreditation page of the NABH website.
  • Oasis Hospital Solutions Support: For comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the process, contact the Oasis Hospital Solutions team.
How much is the Fees?

Starting NABH with Rs. 15,000/-* (Terms and Conditions Apply!)