NABH Accreditation For Nursing Excellence

Nursing Excellence Certification: Recognizing that nursing professionals are pivotal to any quality-related program within a healthcare organization, Nursing Excellence standards have been established to provide guidelines for evaluating the nursing services offered by these organizations. The inaugural edition of these standards is organized into chapters, each addressing different professional, administrative, and governance aspects of nursing.

Overview of NABH Nursing Excellence Standards
  1. Nursing Resource Management (NRM).
  2. Nursing Care of Patient (NCP).
  3. Management of Medication (MOM).
  4. Education, Communication and Guidance (ECG).
  5. Infection Control Practices (ICP).
  6. Empowerment and Governance (EG).
  7. Nursing Quality Indicators (NQI).
Advantages of Accreditation
  • Encourages ongoing quality enhancement
  • Ensures safe, effective, competent, and ethical nursing care
  • Regulates, guides, and promotes professional nursing practice
  • Boosts community confidence
  • Provides guidelines for nurse administrators and supervisors to support and facilitate nursing care
  • Offers healthcare units the opportunity to benchmark against the bes
Who can apply?
All the Health care organizations irrespective of their size, role and complexity.
How to apply for certification?
  • Online Registration: All aspiring healthcare organizations seeking accreditation can apply online by registering.
  • Refer to Brochure: For detailed information, kindly refer to the General Information Brochure available on the Hospital Accreditation page of the NABH website.
  • Oasis Hospital Solutions Support: For comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the process, contact the Oasis Hospital Solutions team.
How much is the Fees?

Starting NABH with Rs. 15,000/-* (Terms and Conditions Apply!)