NABH Accreditation For Wellness Centers

NABH accreditation for wellness centers ensures adherence to rigorous standards aimed at enhancing patient care, safety, and operational excellence. It encompasses criteria such as robust patient management systems, adequate infrastructure, competent staff, and stringent safety measures. Achieving NABH accreditation signifies a commitment to continuous quality improvement and aligns with international best practices, bolstering trust among patients and stakeholders in the healthcare services provided by wellness centers.

Overview of NABH Wellness Centers
  • Patient Care and Clinical
  • Management:
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Resources Management:
  • Quality and Patient Safety:
  • Information Management:
  • Facility Management:
  • Continuous Quality Improvement:
Advantages of Accreditation
  • Enhance credibility and trust among patients and stakeholders.
  • Improve operational efficiency and quality of care.
  • Provide a framework for continuous improvement.
  • Align with regulatory requirements and international best practices.
Who can apply?

In general, any wellness center that meets the eligibility criteria set by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) can apply for accreditation. Here are some key points regarding eligibility:

  1. Types of Wellness Centers: NABH accreditation is open to various types of wellness centers, including:

    • Spa and wellness retreats
    • Ayurvedic centers
    • Yoga centers
    • Naturopathy centers
    • Wellness clinics
  2. Size and Scope: The wellness center should have the necessary infrastructure, facilities, and services to provide quality healthcare and wellness services as per NABH standards.

  3. Legal Status: The center must be legally registered and operational, adhering to local regulations and healthcare laws.

  4. Commitment to Quality: The management and staff of the wellness center should be committed to implementing and maintaining high standards of patient care, safety, and quality improvement as per NABH guidelines.

  5. Readiness for Assessment: The center should be prepared for an assessment by NABH assessors, which involves on-site visits to evaluate compliance with accreditation standards.

It’s important for wellness centers considering NABH accreditation to thoroughly review the specific requirements and criteria outlined by NABH, as they may vary based on the type and scope of services provided by the center.

How to apply for certification?
  • Online Registration: All aspiring healthcare organizations seeking accreditation can apply online by registering.
  • Refer to Brochure: For detailed information, kindly refer to the General Information Brochure available on the Hospital Accreditation page of the NABH website.
  • Oasis Hospital Solutions Support: For comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the process, contact the Oasis Hospital Solutions team.
How much is the Fees?

Starting NABH with Rs. 15,000/-* (Terms and Conditions Apply!)